Feb 8, 2021 Prophetic Word: 2020 Election Prophecy I heard the Lord say that, just as He did in 2016, the Lord will place Donald Trump in the White House.... Feb 12, 2020 Shawn Bolz, a prominent pastor in Los Angeles who has prophesied about many things from Kanye West to President Trump, told Fox News.... The Trump Prophecy is the story of Fireman Mark Taylor and what he heard God tell him about America, Israel and the world. The event seeks to answer the.... Jan 3, 2020 Below is a continuation of prophecies given by the Lord through Apostle Steve Lyston, Bishop Dr Doris Hutchinson, Pastor Michelle Lyston,.... Apr 7, 2020 Almost 9 in 10 pastors see at least some current events matching those Jesus said would occur shortly before he returns to Earth.. Nov 5, 2020 Election results are slowly coming in, and although it'll be a while before we know the final vote totals, one thing is clear: The American people.... Jun 16, 2020 When Peter Turchin issued his forecast 10 years ago, there were plenty of skeptics. 'They had no reason to believe I wasn't crazy.'. 2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah. Israel is... 538a28228e

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